Coutts Bank

"Clients and staff alike feel it adds not only a piece of great interest, but a timeless fascinating calmness."

- Morton Spenner, CEO International Asset Management

The Brief

Coutts Bank had set up an art prize called Coutts & Co and was keen to communicate its relationship with the arts. In their reception area there were dated siaply cases which were in the opposition to the architecural style of the space.

The brief had to appease the Stakeholders and Branding team be harmonious with the existing interior.

The Solution

Open Gallery decided upon the use of free-standing screens which created pockets of interest throughout the leafy and natural interior. The conservatory space, was too light for reasonable day-time projections and so screens were a perfect alternative. We selected work that had been shot from all over the world to represent the bank's international clientele.

The placement of the screens lead the visitors through the entranceway whilst the podiums gave the entranceway a sense of authority.

Technical Specification

We used three-hand framed LCD screens and mountem them on plinths. The screens appeared to float within the frame, giving a sense of the traditional framings usually associated with canvasses. The cabling was hidden under the floor and there were 3 Lalunas, each showing the same series - giving continuity to the space.