Owning Video Painting Series


Open Gallery provides a full range of services including the initial consultation, curation and project management, technical installation and a comprehensive technical support.


Commissions can also be issued by individual clients to respond to specific projects or events. These might be in the form of either Solo or Group Series and can be conceived as unique editions. As with all video paintings, the work is designed by the artists to be stored and played using the bespoke Laluna system as an integral part of the work itself.


For pricelist information please direct all enquiries to sales@opengallery.co.uk


Examples from our catalogue : Solo Artist Series | Group Artist Series



A video painting installation typically involves three elements.


1. The Artwork

Sale | Lease


The collection boasts a wide selection of video painting approaches, from single or unique video works, to limited edition group collections containing several hours of material. For more information about how to purchase video painting series please click here


Leasing allows for further flexibility to continually update the installation with a variety of artist's work.

Rates start from £500 per month for a minimum initial period of 12 months.

2. The Laluna Technology

Laluna is the name given to the technology developed specifically alongside the video painting medium. It plays the artworks in non-linear, intelligent sequences, according to criteria determined by the artists. It is central to securing the integrity of the artists' work and preserves the medium in its optimum format. The sophisticated and unique software revolutionises the presentation of moving image artwork to the viewer and can be programmed to respond to its surroundings.


3. The Display

We offer a range of hand-made frames which incorporate a display screen and a compact Laluna. They need only be hung on the wall and connected to a power supply. The frames are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.


Open Gallery specialises in projected installations. Contact us to arrange an intital site visit to discuss your options and achieve a creative and personalised design, working to enhance the surrounding architecture. We have completed projections for clients that range in scale, utilising ultra-short-throw technology right up to stadium projectors, for both inside and outside display.

We work flexibly with all our clients, but have extensive experience of all aspects of delivery, but have collaborated with in-house teams or existing contractors when appropriate. As installations can vary significantly in their scale and technological needs, if you were to contact us with an outline of your ideas we would be more than happy to put together an intial quote for your project.

Technical Support

However you choose to display your video work, we offer ongoing technical support and maintenance services which is calculated as a 12.5% of the cost of hardware. Maintenance can involve predictive bulb replacement, filter cleaning, regular check-ups, software updates, and we offer a swap out service if your computer requires any maintenance work or new works added onto it.