The Video Painting Series

The concept of video painting, as devised by the initial collective, considers the medium to be collaborative by nature and this is an essential method for further avoiding narrative within the works. Within the series, the video paintings play in intelligent sequences, according to criteria determined by the artist. Each artist responds to the parameters of the medium and has influence over the processes by which the work plays out.


Group Artist Series

These video paintings were developed to interact with each other over an extended period of time and the resulting body of work should be considered as authored by multiple artists. The length of each series can span from two to eight hours or more.


Solo Artist Series

Individual artists have explored a specific theme or concept through the medium of video painting. Pursuing the fundamental concept of video painting as being non-narrative and non-sequential, the pieces form a cohesive body of work, realised by a single artist.



Bespoke Series

As well as our Group and Solo Series available, we are also able to create bespoke series for clients. We will talk with you and discuss what sort of imagery you believe would work with your particular space (colours, movement, content), and can even programme our Lalunas to play the scapes in relation to the time of day, or season.