Hilary Lawson, Now Revisited Revisited (2009)

Medium: Video Painting, Projection, Color and no sound

Dimensions: 6 Scapes | Duration: 36 min.

Collection: Video Painting Solo Series

Edition of 5

Reference: VPSS-HLNRR09



Now Revisited Revisited extends the exploration of the present that was initiated in January 2009 when Hilary Lawson conceived the five act immersive performance and interactive video work ‘Now Revisited’. The acts were titled Now, Now Past, Now Reviewed, Now Observed, and Now Revisited and the piece ran over four consecutive nights at Shunt, London in February 2009. Elements of material from the performances of 'Now Revisited' are incorporated into the current work.

Heidegger argued that what distinguishes the being of humans is the awareness of our own being. Humans are conscious that we are conscious and no more so than in the moment of the present when we catch sight of ourselves. For the most part we think of this moment as familiar and as a result it remains unexamined. These works seek to lift the veil on this strange and perplexing space: a space in which we are at home to ourselves and the moment now. Now Revisited Revisited is at once therefore an exploration of the present and of what it is to be human.

Hilary Lawson is the founding artist of the Artscape Project, the group of artists who have pioneered the video painting since 2001. Major exhibitions: Future Cities, Hayward Gallery London; Video Painting, ICA, London; On the cusp, Square Gallery, Bristol; Now Revisited, Shunt Vaults, London; Out of Openness, Sketch Gallery, London, Crunch 09: the art festival at hay.

Hilary Lawson’s video work is held in collections by Coutts Bank, International Asset Management and various private collectors in the UK.

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