The Open Prize Shortlist 2010

Alexander Bates, Alexandra Hughes, Jasmina Metwaly, Karolina Raczynska, Marc Atkinson, Michael Lightborne, Olwen Coughlan, Rita Ribas, Robert Dixon, and Valentina Ferrandes, Open Prize Shortlist (2010)

Medium: Video Painting, Projection, Color and no sound

Dimensions: 14 Scapes | Duration: 1 hour, 27 min. 35 sec.

Collection: Video Painting Group Series

Edition of 20

Reference: VPGS-COPS10



This collection contains 14 video paintings by the 10 artists who were shortlisted for The Open Prize 2010.

These works were premiered as part of a major exhibition in the Nichols and Clarke Warehouse during July 2010. A judging panel of Ziba Ardalan [Parasol Unit], Marc Valli [Elephant & Magma Books] and Hilary Lawson [Open Gallery] awarded the prize to Jasmina Metwaly, and commended Rita Ribas and Karolina Raczynska.

After the exhibition 20 editions of this diverse short list collection were released for sale by the gallery.

Press Release

“This exhibition of video painting achieved a focus. The DNA of a movement.” Anthony Haden-Guest

The Open Prize for video painting, an exhibition and prize ceremony that possessed the essence of a movement, marked the London art world’s recognition of a new medium: video painting.

The event, which took place on Thursday 22nd July in East London, was attended by over 450 people, including representatives from the Gagosian, Sotheby’s, the South Bank Centre, the Tate and the Barbican. The international media came out in full force, with art correspondents from Icon, The Guardian, Spears, Art Review, Blueprint, Aesthetica and Art Facts all in attendance. The prize was judged by Ziba Ardalan de Weck (Parasol Unit), Marc Valli (Elephant and Magma Books) and Hilary Lawson (Open Gallery).

“One of the most impactful and fulfilling exhibitions I have seen this year” G. Beaudin,

“This is a really interesting movement.” Will Wiles, Icon

“I was particularly impressed by the variety of the works and their use of light within the constricts of the video painting rules.” Ziba Ardalan de Weck, Parasol Unit

“This was a great surprise. Rather than having to force myself through the films, I enjoyed the judging process and found myself going back to certain pieces over and over again. Some of the work used video painting to find a new way of dealing with the notion of time.” Marc Valli, Elephant

Open Gallery received in excess of 300 entries for the prize of which 10 were selected to be exhibited alongside a series of pieces which catalogued the development of video painting since its origins in 2001. The prize was awarded to Jasmina Metwaly for her piece, Crucifixion. Jasmina will receive funding and future exhibitions with Open Gallery. Rita Ribas and Karolina Raczynska were awarded commendations for their work. “The submissions for the inaugural Open Prize are the latest addition to the unfolding development of video painting. They are startling in their variety, strength and excitement within the medium of the video painting. I have no doubt that the video painting story has hardly begun.” Will Smith, Director, Open Gallery.

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