Isabelle Inghilleri, Gone Tomorrow (2010)

Medium: Video Painting, Projection, Color and no sound

Dimensions: 35 Scapes | Duration: 4 hours, 10 min., 11 sec.

Collection: Video Painting Solo Series

Edition of 7

Reference: VPSS-IIGT05



Gone Tomorrow is a series of thirty five video paintings totaling 4 hours 10 minutes by Norwegian artist Isabelle Inghilleri which was shot between 2005 and 2010 in Larvik in the South East of Norway.

The works explore the changes in the Norwegian landscape as it emerges from winter into spring. The change is not the familiar scenery of winter snow melting amidst spring sunshine to reveal newly flourishing plant life, but instead a limitless series of happenings each of which is itself beyond description. Inghilleri’s deep familiarity with her subject matter enables her to uncover in the apparently still a world of infinite flux that mixes order and chaos.

The intensity of the Norwegian landscape is a refreshment to the spirit, and deeply inspiring. Gone Tomorrow deals with a variety of contrasting transitions – some tiny and delicate and others massive, powerful shifts in the landscape where the only constant is change itself.

An excellent example of this sense of rejuvenation is the video painting Surface Effect which sees numerous, enormous planes of shattered ice flow through the frame – the battered remnants of nature’s almighty struggle to find equilibrium with itself, a struggle which plays out mysteriously up-stream, out of shot. The river eventually cleanses itself of this detritus leaving an icy calm, deep black and blue slice across the landscape which exudes a sense of delicate tranquility.

Exodus meanwhile deals with the changing landscape at a microscopic scale, examining the frantic movements of air bubbles trapped beneath a frozen puddle as they search for the only exit – a small melted hole in the bottom right of the frame.

Isabelle Inghilleri lives and works in Oslo. Major exhibitions: Future Cities, Hayward Gallery London; Video Painting, ICA, London; Gone Tomorrow, Square Gallery, Bristol; Gone Tomorrow, Sketch Gallery, London; Galleri Ramfjord, Auktion, Oslo; Telemarksgalleriet, Collaboration w/ Mona Moe Holhjem, Notodden; Galerie Grenznah, Munich, Germany.

Isabelle Inghilleri’s video work is held in collections by International Asset Management, Cinéphilia West, the Collins Theatre, the London Clinic and various private collectors in the UK and Norway.

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