Gabrielle Le Bayon, Out of Frame (2008)

Medium: Video Painting, Projection, Color and no sound

Dimensions: 12 Scapes | Duration: 1 hour, 2 min., 49 sec.

Collection: Video Painting Solo Series

Edition of 7

Reference: VPSS-GLOF08



Out of Frame hopes to give viewers the impression they have just stepped back out of themselves, and that the moving image they are watching is a reflexive image of a moment experienced, of a past that they’ve lived, of a place they’ve been. The length of each shot encourages a new reading of the subject matter which is founded in the almost subconscious gaze of the idling voyeur. In each of the works, the immediately apparent role of the viewer is powerfully engaging, which Le Bayon hopes will guide the watcher through the first steps of an exploration into the essence of what makes a universal human experience.

The initially abstract Conversations on a Windowpane II strongly implicate the passive viewer as they gaze upon a procession of water droplets running down a pane of glass. Each falling droplet reveals a little more of the view - an undefined city street at dusk inhabited unconsciously and briefly by scurrying pedestrians and gliding cars, but from the perspective of the spectator the scene takes on a grand and transient calm. Pine on Lace juxtaposes three motifs - lace, branches of a tree and clouds. The composition uses these everyday items to juxtapose the delicacy of the man made lace against the ruggedly sharp pine cones in a moment of tension, which Le Bayon describes as “a hint at the simple and beautiful surroundings in life”.

Gabrielle Le Bayon is a French artist, who works between London and Paris. Her practice focuses on video work, both in single channel and installation form. This medium enables her to investigate the limits of cinema and fine arts, fiction and documentary, blurring the lines between these different practices. She uses her personal experience to explore the aesthetic relationship between history, mythology, memory, and space. She graduated in 2012 with a Masters in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London. In 2011 was selected for a residency at the School of Visual Art in New York. She has exhibited work internationally including: Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin (2013), Institut of Contemporary Art, London (2012), Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires (2012); Model, AiOP, New York, (2012); Hotshoe Gallery, London (2012); Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York (2011), Twelve Around One gallery, London (2011); Pulse Miami, USA (2010); Vitrine Gallery, London (2010).

Gabrielle Le Bayon’s video work is held in collections by Coutts Bank, the Institute of Art and Ideas, Square Gallery and various private collectors in the UK and France.

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