TVF Media

"I love the idea of bringing the beauty of the sky into the built environment. This is something that Open Gallery has achieved with great success."

- Gavin Pertor-Pinney, The Cloud Appreciation Society



The Brief

TVF Media are a young vibrant company based in Islington. They wanted to announce their close relationship with contemporary art practice and digital technologies, to tie in with the design studio, documentary publishing house and IAI philosphy academy.

Many clients and interviewees wait in the reception area and they company therefore asked for a focal point to be made which would add interest to this area and communicate something about the brand’s interest

The Solution

We installed an overhead projection at a high angle to avoid shadows from the receoptionist and also prepared information plaques about the artwork and artists to create a gallery / private screening opportunity.

The series we curated takes the viewer on a journey across the globe, focussing on natural scenes and creating a positive atmosphere with bright colours and dancing branches.

Technical Specification

One 4500 Lumen Projector, ceiling mounted. The projection surface was painted with projector paint, which is specifically enhanced for overhead projection and allows the mazimum
ammount of light to be diverted back towards the viewer. The Laluna was housed under the reception desk and was programmed for 24/7 playback.