International Asset Management

"We all hugely appreciate the way in which our video installation brings the outdoors to a standard office environment. Staff and visitors alike feel it adds not only a piece of great interest but a timeless, fascinating calmness.”
Morten Spenner, CEO, International Asset Management




The Brief

When International Asset Management moved to a new office in Mayfair, IAM CEO Morten Spenner wanted to expand the company’s impressive art collection and asked Open Gallery to create a spectacular point of interest on this wall. The office is centred on an atrium which is bordered to one side by a triple height wall. Under the previous tenant, Hugo Boss, the wall had displayed a vertically mounted Formula 1 car, but was now blank.

The Solution

We created a large projected video image on the white wall which continued the rhythm of the glazed meeting room partitions around the ground floor. The image is immediately visible on entering the office, adjacent to a client waiting area and also visible from parts of the office work floor. The Series of video paintings selected for the installation comprised 78 individual works by 3 artists and totalled over 11 hours in length. The video works had a landscape focus to them which brought a calm and uplifting sense of the natural world into the otherwise windowless space. The installation makes a strong first impression on clients and improves the working environment and concentration levels of staff.

Technical Specification

The 7.5 x 3 metre video image was created using two 6500 lumen projectors blended together to create a single seamless image. The computer which holds the artwork and controls the installation automatically turns the projectors on every weekday morning at 8am, and off again each evening at 7pm.

Further Work

IAM purchased further video artwork from Open Gallery - Sarah Turner’s Lake Baikal. Rather than adding this to the series of works projected in the atrium, Lake Baikal is displayed separately on a 22” inch framed monitor in the London board room.