The Brief

Openess, a large-scale installation including works by William Raban, Hilary Lawson, Sanchita islam, Isabelle Inghilleri, Tina Keane and Alex Bettler.


It is essential to understand. Yet the experience of what it is to be, to exist, is all too often lost in the process. The search for closure limits the reach of sight and understanding. Art seeks openness for our world.


Openess celebrates this concept with a slow and smooth grand-scale installation that without narrative or subject allows the video paitnings to explore the character of experience through the wealth of tis textures and layered movement, the perception of which is accenturated by the stationary shot.

The Solution

The installation reveals the unique concept of the video painting of the artists of the Artscape Project: layered movement, abstract framing, an extraordinary aesthetic definition and the complete absence of linear narrative.

Fundamentally novel, the work of the artists in this field was made possible by the unprecedented Laluna technology developed by the project, which stores the collections and determines the sequence of projection.

Laluna selects the paintings thematically and taking into consideration the time of dayand level of activity. Distancing itself from film and video convention, the collections do not look however long they want.