Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2017

Open Gallery and St.George’s Hospital collaborated by exhibiting a video painting installation in the Ingredients Restaurant at St. George Hospital for a period of one month. Open Gallery presented two series which showcased visual parallels between the beauty and power of the Earth and the human body, encapsulating the fusion of health, strength, beauty and natural elements. Through this installation we were able to bring to the staff and clientèle of St. George’s Hospital art that one can truly live with.


Along with the exhibition, a Panel Discussion entitled ‘Curating the healing environment. A panel discussion on the benefits of incorporating the visual arts into healthcare settings’ took place during Creativity and Wellbeing Week. The panel was chaired by Jill Turner, former editor of the Times Health Supplement and had as it’s speakers: Hilary Lawson, Philosopher, Artist and Founder of Open Gallery, Mike Neill, Director Tax and Heritage Department, Bonhams, Dr Anand Saggar, President of the RSM’s Medical Genetics Section, Jayne Lloyd, Multi-disciplinary artist and Joanna Wakefield, Art Director, Arts St. George’s.


“Thought Provoking!”

“Wonderful to learn more about how we can improve health through art.”

Attendees of discussion pannel,
Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

More information about this event here, or view the event page on the Creativity and Wellbeing Week website here.



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