London Art Fair 2010 | Open Gallery

13-17 January 2010




As part of the London Art Fair 2010, Open Gallery presented Portraits from the back by artist Gabrielle Le Bayon and Now Revisited Revisited by philosopher and founding artist Hilary Lawson.


The Le Bayon's series places nine different figures in nine vastly differing landscapes. Each portrait captures the almost still figure gazing outwards at some part of the vista that lies before them. The careful dressing and placing of each character creates a serene balance between the aesthetic of the figures and the landscapes.


Now Revisited Revisited seeks to explore the present and of what it is to be human. The philosophy behind this work is manifested in a unique booth, which will play with notions of spectatorship and self-awareness.


Artists Lawson and Le Bayon have collaborated to produce a space which will reveal this new way of seeing.



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