Alexandre Bettler



Alexandre Bettler is a London based artist and graphic designer. He graduated with a BA in graphic design from ECAL, Switzerland in 2000 and gained a MA in Communication Art and Design in 2005 at the Royal College of Art. He is the co-founder of DesignMarketo, a design studio specializing on cultural event.


Bettler's artistic production focuses on the ordinary and the often overlooked details surrounding us in our everyday, and succeeds in magnifying their beauty as well as their function. His camera lingers long on urban and natural sites, recording the very details of their constant change through time. He guides our eyes to see anew by revealing the existence of hidden, ordinary worlds all around us.


Bettler has published a variety of artist books and took part to the London Literature Festival 2011at Southbank Centre in London.

He has been published in several magazines and he took part in several exhibitions including Nothing Works, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (Gradual, London design festival, London 2007; Super Design Market, London; V&A Village Fete, London; Arnold Circus Fete, London; Design Museum Late Night, London; The Wish List, M&R Gallery, London; Jan Family, Lungomare, Italy; Art Below Zero, London; Circus Gallery, London; How These Things Work, M&R Gallery, London; RCA Secret, RCA; Expo 02, Swiss National Exhibition, Switzerland.


"I am focusing on the detail, the things which might not be seen as conventionally aesthetic and yet there is something arresting about the mundane, which can often be overlooked." Alex Bettler


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