Mark Nelson (1951, London)



Mark Nelson is a British photographer and film maker. He attended Haywards Heath Grammar School between 1963 and 1968. Nelson began his photographic career in 1985 when he founded First Light, a fine art printing laboratory and gallery. Since then he has created a portfolio of visually striking work.


In June 2008, Open Gallery invited Nelson to shoot a series of video paintings exploring the boundary between liquid and solid, order and disorder, nature and man. 'Fragments from the Greyzone' series is the result of his exploration of video painting medium and it includes footage from Brighton Seafront. Faded colors and the gray, cloudy sky of the south coast of England convey a cocoon-like atmosphere and a sense intimacy to the scene. Nelson’s camera frames the British seaside and its soft palette into melancholic portraits of the banality of the ordinary.


Recent exhibition include European Stories 1987-2017, Gallery 35 North Brighton (2017), Berlin:Alexanderplatz, Film for the Berlin Film Festival (2017), American Stories 1990-2015, Gallery 35 North Brighton (2016), First Light:Still, University of Brighton (2015), This Being That Becomes,  Berlin Whiteconcepts Gallery (2014).


 “My Video Paintings are extensions of my work in photography and film and reflect an interest in ambient visual installations”

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