Sarah Turner



Sarah Turner is a British artist, filmmaker, writer and curator. She graduated from St. Martins School of Art in 1989 with a degree in Fine Art; Film, Video and Photography, and completed her Masters at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Appointed lecturer at the University of Kent since 2002, Turner is currently Director of Research in the School of Music and Fine Art Department. Prior to this role, she curated the launch season of the cinema at the LUX CENTRE and a series of programs of experimental film from around the world for the National Film Theatre, the Tate Gallery and the Arts Council of England. Turner was taught by Open Gallery contributor Willam Raban whilst studying at St Martins and both share an association with the London Film Maker’s Co-op.


Turner’s work for Open Gallery builds upon her past explorations of the relationships between internal and external realities, focusing on how this relationship is embodied in the natural landscape. Her series of works titled Lake Baikal focuses on the dramatic impact of the world’s deepest lake colliding with the air above it. Capturing the vibrant encounter of the light glare clashing with dense, milky haze lingering on the water surface, these lakescapes present the viewer with a romantic, dream-like vision of the magnificent power of nature.


"I am interested in the interrelationship between psychic life and landscape - the fragility of experience and our relationship to environment, and the environmental fragility that is produced by our relationship to it." Sarah Turner


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