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Open Gallery has been preparing for our Artist Interview Series which will be released throughout the year.


Last week we interviewed two of Open Gallery's artists William Raban and George Barber, who individually discussed their interest in the Video Painting Project and the work that they have made with Open Gallery since its conception.


"The potential of video painting at this particular moment in time seems to acknowledge that man has changed the world and so that long deep contemplative shots of our world in high definition are exactly what we need. So in a way, even in real time, in a sort of deep-time-sense we get a feeling of our future and what may be disappearing." - George Barber

"I make films and I depend on montage, grouping shots together to construct some sort of meaning. Whereas, the video painting requires that the shot is self-contained on its own and without sound and I think this is quite an interesting challenge. It is not the way I work at all, normally. But I like the way it forces me to think in terms of how to get a particular cinematic shot that will stand in its own" - William Raban


The first in the series with Sanchita Islam, will be released soon, so keep an eye on our news channels!

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