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On the occasion of the Creativity and Wellbeing Week initiative led by London Arts and Health Forum, Open Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition The Body and the Landscape.


Introducing a visual parallel between the power of Earth and the human body, this one-channel video painting installation showcases the group series 'Earth' alongside Sidsel Christensen's solo series 'Study for Composition VI: Sensual Phase Transitions'


The Body and the Landscape is curated by Open Gallery in collaboration with Arts St. Georges and was held at St. George's Hospital from 6-18 June. The show was accompanied by a special panel discussion marking the exhibition opening event. Highlighting medical research and scientific evidence carried in recent years for the beneficial outcome of incorporating art in healthcare settings, this event provided a thoughtful forum for discussing the valuable role of hospital arts programs to improve patients’ overall health outcomes and quality of life. In particular, the event focused on the positive contribution of nature based artwork to the enhancement of the clinical environment and the well-being for patients.

Alexandre Bettler / Sidsel Christensen / Isabelle Inghilleri / Hilary Lawson / William Raban

Visitor information


St. George's Hospital - Ingredients Restaurant, 1st Floor, Lanesborough Wing, Blackshaw Rd, SW17 0QT, London

Enter via Lanesborough Wing entrance. The gallery is in Ingredients Restaurant, 1st Floor, Lanesborough Wing

Opening times:

Monday to Sunday, 9am - 8pm, Free entry


For updates follow Open Gallery Facebook and Twitter and Instagram account: @opengalleryuk

Arts St. Georges


Arts St George’s ethos is that access to the arts can make a vital contribution to the wellbeing of patients and staff. Over the past twenty years Arts St George’s has curated and managed the St George’s Hospital Charity art collection housed at St George’s Hospital. In addition to the development of the collection and commissions; the team has delivered a wide range of engaging arts programs to support patients, families and staff. The Arts St George’s Programme is funded by the St George’s Hospital Charity. The Arts programme is further supported by the Arts St George’s Committee. 



Director of LAHF, Damian Hebron, says


 “What we’re finding is that although the arts can be used to respond to specific healthcare needs, for instance using the arts to rehabilitate people who have had a stroke, we’re also seeing tangible health benefits of visiting museums and libraries, singing with a choir, and reading aloud. Before reaching crisis point, the public can engage with their local services to prevent ill-health and improve their quality of life. I hope Creativity and Wellbeing Week will enable people to take an active role in protecting their health and the health of their families, and that relationships strengthen between arts practitioners and healthcare professionals to make full use of what the arts have to offer. Take a look at the festival brochure and discover what’s out there.”

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